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  • The FBI does not investigate all kinds of criminal activity. To see the categories of federal laws that the FBI does investigate, see our What We Investigate webpage.
  • If you are looking for information about yourself or a case you are involved in, you must submit a Privacy Act request.
  • The FBI does not comment on all current, ongoing cases. See our field press releases for public information on our investigations.
  • The FBI is limited in the amount of information and photos it can provide on wanted fugitives and missing persons. We also do not investigate all fugitives or missing persons in the United States; many cases are handled by local authorities or other federal agenices.
  • To find crime statistics in your area, please see our Crime Statistics webpage.
  • The FBI does not have a national e-mail address for public questions or comments. Some of our local FBI offices, however, do have their own e-mail addresses. See our Contact Us page for more contact information.
  • To find high resolution photos, go to our Photo Gallery.
  • If you are looking for an FBI job application or open vacancies, go to the FBI Jobs website.
  • If you wish to talk directly to an FBI representative, please call (202) 324-3000.